The Benefits of a Simple Sitz Bath

Benefits of Fivona Sitz Bath  

   The bubble bath gets a lot of glory. Fragrant, lathering bubbles can be nice for unwinding. However, they may actually do harm if you’re dealing with pain and irritation in your most sensitive areas. There's actually a different type of bath that can bring healing and health to your life when you're dealing with pain or inflammation due to a medical issue like a vaginal yeast infection. Everyone should know about the sitz bath!

   A sitz bath is especially beneficial for women because it's a gentle way to treat a variety of female health issues. The reason why sitz baths are so effective for such a wide range of issues is that the simple act of sitting in warm water actually helps to neutralize inflammation. This can create instant reductions in pain and swelling in a localized area. 

How Do You Take a Sitz Bath?

   A sitz bath is actually an incredibly simple concept. It only requires you to dip everything below your hips in a shallow basin of lukewarm water. Some people choose to add Epsom salt, coconut oil or other natural ingredients when treating specific issues. It's important to ask a doctor about the guidelines for adding anything extra to your sitz bath based on the condition you're attempting to treat. However, it should be said that there's nothing medical about a sitz bath. This is simply a do-at-home method for relieving pain and irritation. That is exactly what Fivona seat is designed for. 

Fivona Foldable Sitz Bath Seat for Yoni Steam

Fivona Sitz Bath Seat for Toilet

Uses for a Sitz Bath

   A sitz bath can be used any time there is pain, discomfort or irritation. However, it is especially beneficial for some specific issues related to female health. Take a look at common uses for a sitz bath.

Vaginal Yeast Infection 

   A sitz bath can be helpful in treating inflammation caused by a yeast infection. Many women find that sensations of swelling, burning, and itching are subdued a bit after taking sitz baths. A sitz bath can be a great tool for pain relief while waiting for medication to begin working. 


   It can be difficult to get relief from painful hemorrhoids if you sit at a desk all day. Those suffering from hemorrhoids often experience irritation, itching, pain or bleeding. A sitz bath can provide soothing relief for these symptoms because it takes the pressure off the impacted area. 

Anal Fissures 

   A sitz bath is often recommended for little tears that form in the thin lining of the anus. In addition to causing pain, fissures can cause spasms in your anal sphincter. The benefit of a sitz bath is that it may help to relax the anal sphincter. This often helps to heal a fissure faster because constant spasms can repeatedly crack fissures open.

Postoperative and Postpartum Recovery

   Sitz baths are often recommended for relief following surgeries for removing hemorrhoids or draining cysts. In addition to being therapeutic, a sitz bath may also help to keep wounds clean following an operation. Many women also find that sitz baths help to reduce pain and inflammation following vaginal delivery. It's going to be important to get permission from your physician before enjoying a sitz bath following any type of medical procedure.

The Art of Taking a Sitz Bath at Home

   Relief for intense discomfort in your most sensitive areas can be enjoyed in the privacy of your home with a sitz bath. It's true that taking a sitz bath really is as simple as drawing some lukewarm water. However, it's also important to remember that you'll need a very clean and sterile environment. This is one of the reasons why many women don't like to take a sitz bath in a tub that is heavily used. A folding sitz bathtub is a great option for maintaining a personal, sterile basin for your sitz baths. This is a very comfortable and convenient option for enjoying the therapeutic benefits of a sitz bath at home!

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