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Fivona's original


Optimal solution for hemorrhoids treatment and postpartum care

Temprature resistant

Toilet Seat Universal fit

BBA-Free, Non Toxic

12 months warranty


“If one suffers from hemorrhoids or other irritations in that area, where utmost cleanliness is essential, this product is a godsend!”

– John Vaite


“The kit is essential for postpartum. The relief it gave was tremendous!”

– Elira M


“Very easy to use and serves quite the purpose. Also used the good size package of soak salt with it, cleans well, folds down to store away and is definitely a must for your own personal issues.”

– Karen Verm


“I just had a hemorrhoidectomy. This has helped me so much.”

– Alisa Shory


“I used this like a bidet this morning. Wow - felt so good! Easy to use and clean, no problem storing it. I’m trying the yoni steam herbs next time. Good value for money"



“Have used for many different things. Very versatile.
To clean under side when not able to bathe. Ease discomfort, and also use to heal ingrown toe nail with vinegar mix. Then quick clean with water and bleach it is like new.”

– Alena Brown