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The Benefits of Yoni steaming. Everything you need to know

Yoni steam benefits

So what is it all about?

You're probably wondering what the heck is all the fuss about yoni steaming. It has recently gained a lot of public attention but it is not necessarily a new concept. Yoni steaming is when a female hovers over water infused with or without herbs allowing the steam to gently absorb into the exterior of the vagina. That is why the word yoni is used. Yoni is a word in Hinduism that translates to ‘womb’ or ‘vagina’

The practice has been adopted widely around the world but its exact origins are hard to determine. A common theory is that it began as an ancient Korean treatment for reproductive health but with no concrete evidence it remains folklore. It is now commonly seen in spas, beauty salons and for self-care at home. 

It’s notoriety has led people to question its safety and its benefits. If you want more information about this read on

Are there any benefits to Yoni steaming?

There are a variety of possible benefits that yoni steaming can have if done correctly. For most women, it is a calming and spiritual practice that they incorporate into their self-care.

I will list down below some of the most useful benefits;

  • It has been used for multiple years to promote fertility
  • Aids in easing pain from childbirth
  • An act of self-love and self-care
  • Possibility of detoxifying the womb
  • It may help in reducing bloating and painful cramps

A soothing yoni steam with the right herbs just might be the perfect thing that you should start incorporating into your self-care. Setting a little time out in the day to cater to your needs may help you feel refreshed and pampered. However, safety is key and everything that has benefits may have some risks. So let’s look a little deeper into why some people find it risky

What are the risks?

While the benefits of yoni steaming are quite appealing there are some dangers if the wrong equipment is used. The basis of the benefit of yoni steam relies on the gentle steam to give a soothing effect but on the opposite end, the steam can actually lead to more problems. Things can go wrong if the object used to steam is placed too close to the skin or it's unstable leading to thermal burns from the water.

Also, certain yoni herbs may have harmful chemicals that may lead to an allergic reaction or further health issues.

This is why it is important to not just yoni steam with any product. It’s important to do your own research on the ingredients of the products opting for more natural and safer products. Another good trick is to look for a yoni steaming tool that is stable and comfortable to reduce the risks of accidents while having a relaxing session.

Cleanliness is also key. So it is good to find a yoni steaming tool that can easily be cleaned to reduce the risk of getting infections

If you're interested in some all-natural herbs and a good steaming seat, you should check out this 2-in-1 yoni steaming kit

Take home message

Yoni steaming is beneficial if done the right way. The benefits can outweigh the risks if you use the right herbs and equipment. So grab yourself a self-care treat and start one today.

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