How to Yoni Steam at Home - Complete Guide

yoni steaming at home

Women go through many transitions from childbirth to menopause that puts lady v through stress. It’s no wonder that yoni steaming has grown in popularity as it offers an option to pamper the yoni after these stressful periods. 

If you’ve found this article it means you’re considering yoni steaming or you are at least curious about the inner workings of the v-steam. Either way, you're in the right place so let’s get started on the basics. 

What is yoni steaming?

Yoni steaming is a simple procedure that has been practiced for many years in Africa, Asia and Central America. It involves placing a container with herbs that have been heated by water between your legs allowing the gentle steam to rise to the outer surface of the yoni. At no point does the hot water come into contact with the yoni. 

While yoni steaming used to be a procedure most people would access in a spa, there are new v-steaming tools that are less intimidating and provide a comfortable steam session at home.

Choosing the right herbs or seat for your Steam?

Yoni steaming is believed to be helpful in promoting women's health. The herbs offer a natural and organic option to relieve discomfort from common female problems. For the more spiritual women, yoni steaming has been used as a meditative practice to rejuvenate the female energy.

Choosing the right herbs depends on the specific feminine needs that you want catered to. Herbal blends are the best option compared to using a single blend as they offer multiple benefits in one single steam. 

The most common reasons women use the steam blend is when they want herbs that;

  • Assist in Hydrating and cleansing the yoni
  • Help reduce painful cramps and bloating from menstruation
  • Aid in regulating irregular periods
  • Promote relaxation and pamper the yoni
  • Help relieve unwanted symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes and yoni dryness
  • Promote feminine hygiene and help reduce infections
  • Increasing yoni lubrication
  • Help promote fertility
  • Help reduce odor and restore yoni PH
  • Help increase circulation to the uterus and perineum
  • Aid in relieving pain and irritation

Once you have identified the main reason you want to yoni steam it’s easy to choose yoni steam herbs that target the problem you are looking for. 

Make sure to opt for a product that explains the ingredients included and how they can help your yoni. All-natural ingredients are the best for yoni steaming. 

This process can be quite confusing for someone who has never yoni steamed as there are so many options of herbs with names you have probably never heard before. To help you get started on your journey, take a look at the 3 in 1 Yoni steam kit bundle. The kit includes;

  • a yoni steam herb blue moon recipe which has got you covered on all the benefits previously listed
  • 1 expandable yoni steam seat
  • 1 hand flusher which converts the seat to a portable bidet, it is optional for yoni steaming but awesome to enhance the steaming process. Push steam to desired area or make a bubbles to increase steam generation 

Take your time to pick the perfect herbs and equipment for your yoni.

What will you need to Yoni Steam?

There isn’t only one way to yoni steam. You can either opt to yoni steam with a chair or use the more modern yoni steam seat which is preferable for beginners. As you begin yoni steaming make sure to keep an open mind and opt for the method that feels the most natural and comfortable. 

Here is a list of things you need to get you started on your yoni steam experience;

  • Yoni steam herbs of your choice
  • 1 Towel
  • 3 cups of Water
  • A medium-sized pot with a lid
  • A comfortable yoni steam seat (optional but preferred) or a chair

Now that you’ve got the list let’s learn how you can prepare.

How to prepare for the yoni steam?

There are two steps in this process. One is setting the mood for a relaxing and spa-like vibe for your steam and the second is preparing the yoni steam herbs. 

  1. Preparing the herbs

Different herbal blends have different instructions on how to prepare them. The instructions should be easily found either at the back or front of the packet. The instructions should tell you the amount of water, amount of herbs to use and length of time to simmer.

Here is a general overview of what you can expect;

  • Pour water into a medium-sized pot.
  • Place the pot on the stove and bring to water to a simmer
  • Place the herbs into the pot and use the lid to cover the pot. 
  • Let the herbs simmer for a few minutes then stop the heat
  • Let the herbs cool for 5 min as you prepare your space for steaming
  1. Preparing your space

Now that the herbs are ready it's time to prepare the perfect spot that will be comfortable for you. This will look different for every woman so take your time in picking the ideal place.

Here are some great tips for preparing your space;

  • Pick a spot where you will have the least interruptions 
  • If you're using a yoni steam seat you will have to place the seat over the toilet. Check out fivona’s 2 in 1 yoni steam kit which includes a BPA-free universal comfortable seat and a pouch of Fivona all-natural blue moon recipe!
  • If you are using a chair, pick a sturdy seat to avoid spills and accidents and place a BPA-free bucket on the edge of the chair so you can hover over the water
  • Place a towel over your waist or thighs to trap the steam and direct it to the yoni
  • Then get creative. You can place your favorite crystals around you, play some relaxing music, listen to your favorite podcast or dim the lights to set the mood. 

The rest is easy; relax and enjoy the gentle steam.

How long should I Yoni Steam for?

A steam session usually lasts for 15-30 min which is enough to enjoy the full benefits of the steam. For beginners make sure you do not go beyond 45 minutes.

The time is adequate to help quiet your thoughts and reflect yet short enough to add to your self-care routine. 

Remember there is no need to rush the experience so take your time and don’t strain yourself there will always be another steam.

How often should I Yoni Steam?

There is no exact amount of time one should yoni steam and the frequency is entirely dependent on your needs and the discomfort you wish to relieve. You can start slowly then increase the frequency guided by your comfort and yoni health. 

For starters, we recommend yoni steaming once a month before your menstrual cycle to witness the full benefits of the yoni steam. It can also be used during a stressful period to relax and feel refreshed.

I finished steaming, what next?

You finished your first yoni steam, congratulations! Now it's time for the clean-up. Remove the towel you used and get a clean towel to wrap around the body. Rest for a few minutes. When you're ready, dispose of the water containing the herbs and clean the tools that you used. Place your yoni steaming equipment in a dry and clean area to ensure hygiene for your next steam. 

Are there side effects of yoni steaming?

You may have seen the controversy surrounding yoni steaming. Like all things, even yoni steaming has a few side effects. Some may experience a runny stomach after yoni steaming or feel slightly bloated. 

To avoid any accidents we recommend reading the safety tips down below and if you have any side effects contact a doctor. In general, most women have reported going through the experience without any side effects.

Can every woman yoni steam?

We recommend yoni steaming for women above the age of 18 years and who are not pregnant. It is also advised to yoni steam when you are not actively bleeding. Apart from these few restrictions, all women can enjoy a gentle steam session at home 

Safety tips and recommendations

Now that you're ready to yoni steam, here are some best practices that are recommended to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience;

  • If the steam feels too hot or close to the skin it can cause a burn injury. To avoid this keep a safe distance and use a yoni steam seat which prevents overflow of water.
  • Keep the yoni steam equipment clean and dry before using them to avoid any unwanted infections.
  • Do not yoni steam when you are pregnant or have an intrauterine device
  • It is recommended to avoid adding essential oils as they may react with your skin
  • Consult a doctor first before yoni steaming if you have any wounds or infections in the perineum.

Yoni steaming doesn't have to be hard or intimidating. Regardless of your reason to steam, investing in high-quality yoni steam equipment is always a plus in ensuring a safer steaming experience. If you're going to pamper your yoni make sure you do it the right way. 

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