Can you use a Sitz Bath seat for Yoni steaming?

fivona sitz bath seats can be used for yoni steaming

Researching what to use for yoni steaming can be quite confusing. You may have come across the Sitz Bath procedure and V-steam but you're not quite sure what the difference between the two is and what the process entails.

The main difference between yoni steaming and sitz bath procedure is that the latter involves contact with water while the other doesn’t. The V – steam only relies on the gentle herbal infused steam to give a soothing effect.

Both yoni steaming and Sitz Bath procedures are believed to promote relaxation and relieve discomfort around the perineal region.

With the growing popularity of both procedures, innovative products have been introduced into the market to maximize on comfort and ease of use in terms of time plus effort. This makes the process less intimidating especially for those new to the process.

If you’ve been looking for something to use for a V steam then this article will be perfect for you as it explores what yoni steaming is and the tools you can use to perform the self-care treat

What is yoni steaming?

So what is it all about? Yoni steaming is an ancient intimate practice that is basically a spa date for Lady V. Many women are rediscovering this gentle treat and incorporating it in their self-care routine as a form of divine self-exploration and adoration.

This is because they are recognizing the need to take control of their spiritual, mental and physical health. They understand the importance of taking time to replenish their stores in order to blossom into who they were meant to be.

The female body goes through so many transitions throughout life from fluctuations in hormones to childbirth. Special attention is required to soothe those moments of discomfort that are associated with these transitions.

Yoni steaming can be a great option for a relaxing treat because it is easily affordable, accessible and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

The procedure is done by sitting over heated water allowing the steam to gently absorb into the yoni tissue for detoxification. The steaming is believed to enhance the natural cleansing properties of the lady – V.

There should be a safe distance between the water and your yoni to ensure no contact with the hot liquid. A towel can be placed to cover the lower part of the body so the steam can be trapped and directed towards the yoni.

The water is usually mixed with yoni steam herbs that are well known in promoting women's health. Some yoni steam herbs that are commonly used are wormwood, lavender, calendula, rosemary and motherwort.

It’s best to opt for all natural herbs that do not contain any harsh chemicals or additives. The procedure is also non invasive, so no herbs should be placed directly inside the yoni. 

What are the benefits of Yoni Steaming?

There is a reason why yoni steaming has become so popular. It is because the simple procedure has been linked to certain benefits such as;

  •         Reducing unwanted menstrual symptoms such as bloating and cramps
  •         Promoting relaxation
  •         Aiding in boosting fertility
  •         Helping regulate hormones
  •         Assisting in soothing pain and inflammation
  •         Helping rejuvenate your feminine energy
  •         For pampering as part of a self-care routine
  •         Aids in reducing menopausal symptoms
  •         Helps in combating yoni dryness which may reduce painful intercourse

The yoni steam herbs are usually pre-packaged coming in different combinations so you can specifically pick a blend that will satisfy your feminine needs. Yoni steaming can also be a great way to connect to your more spiritual side as you meditate and connect with your higher self during the process.

What are Sitz Bath seats used for?

A Sitz Bath procedure is when the perineum is submerged in warm water alone or in combination with Epsom salts. The perineum is the area around the rectum and vulva (or scrotum for males). The name of the procedure is actually self-explanatory as sitz is a German word that means “to sit”. So essentially it means to sit in a shallow bath.

Sometimes a small amount of essential oils can be added but it’s a matter of preference when it comes to deciding on whether to incorporate them or not. There are sitz bath blends that are prepackaged containing both the Epsom salts and essential oils so you don’t have to worry about struggling to make the perfect mix.

The procedure has been shown to be beneficial in soothing perineal wounds by reducing inflammation and pain. It also stimulates blood flow around the area which aids in healing.

These are some of the conditions where sitz baths have been used to reduce symptoms;

  •         Hemorrhoids
  •         Perineal inflammation and to relieve discomfort (pain or itchiness)
  •         Anal fissures
  •         Post vaginal delivery care
  •         Episiotomy wound care
  •         Prostatitis

Portable sitz bath seats were introduced to make the process easier as they can be fitted over toilet seats which is faster than getting into a bathtub. This allows you to maintain a comfortable position when enjoying the soak. They are also great for an easy clean up as the water can be drained once done.

Can the seats be used for yoni steaming? 

Yes, sitz bath seats can be used for yoni steaming and they can provide more comfort than squatting over a basin. The seats are designed to make the process easier and less intimidating. There are different colors and designs of seats in the market created to cater to your feminine needs.

Fivona’s expandable yoni steam bath and sitz bath seats are perfect for both procedures. They have a universal design which means they are easy to install as they can be placed over toilet seats of different shapes and sizes. The durable material is also easy to clean and store after use.

If you’re interested in the product, check out this sitz bath seat for yoni steaming by Fivona

Best practices to maintain when using a sitz bath seat for Yoni steaming?

To have a safe and enjoyable experience while yoni steaming it is important to be careful while using the equipment. While a V steam can be beneficial there are some risks if the right care is not taken. Here are some best practices that are recommended when using the seats;

  •         Always maintain hygiene – Always clean the seats before and after use to maintain hygiene. Remember the seats will be used for the most intimate parts of your body so the seats need to be sanitary to prevent any risk of infection. Your lady V deserves the best and it should be treated that way.
  •         Follow the instructions – Always follow the instructions on the yoni steam herb package. Make sure you pick products that have clear instructions on the amount of herbs that should be used and how long it takes to boil. The herbs come in different sizes so how much to use will be specific to the product. They should also be stored in a dry and cool place.
  •         Make sure you don’t put too much water – Care should be taken to not overfill the water when using the sitz bath seat. It is important to emphasize that at no point should the water be in contact with your skin while yoni steaming. If the water feels too close, reduce the amount of water in the seat. This is done to prevent any injuries. 
  •         Don’t overdo it – Moderation is key and care should be taken not to yoni steam too frequently. It is believed over-steaming can affect the normal flora of the yoni. A good general rule is to steam for about 15 – 30 minutes. For the frequency of steaming sessions, a professional can be consulted to tailor a schedule to suit your feminine needs.
  •         Consult a physician first - If you have any open sores in the area like lacerations, cuts or wounds. It is advised that you should consult a physician or medical professional before starting the yoni steaming sessions. This also applies to any genital or perineum infections.
  •         Situations to avoid steaming – While yoni steaming can be enjoyed by women in different phases of their lives. There are some situations where a V steam should be avoided. If you are menstruating or pregnant you must not have a steam session unless advised by a medical professional. This also applies to women who have intrauterine/intavaginal devices such as pessaries and IUD or any genital piercings.

In conclusion,

Yes, there are sitz bath seats that can be used for yoni steaming sessions. In order to enjoy a good steam session some important practices should be adhered to. It can be a fun self-care treat that can be done with the right equipment.

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