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Improve your soaking experience using the Sitz Bath Seat with Hand Flusher and Solution Bag. Enjoy soothing procedures and elevate your wellness.


Sitz Bath Soaking - it's a cost-effective way to soothe hemorrhoids, reduce swelling, and ease pain from various issues in the perineal area and also beneficial for postpartum care. It's a highly recommended practice by numerous doctors and widely utilized by hospitals in the US and worldwide.


1. Expand and wash Sitz Bath Seat

2. Place it on the toilet rim

3. Simply attach Hand Flusher to the bottom of the Sitz Bath

4. Fill the Solution Bag with water or the recommended solution, make sure the temperature is comfortable

5. Securely attach the Solution Bag to the hook or place it on the surface above the Seat

6. Sit down, and use tubing to fill the tub with water, ensuring the water touches the desired area

7. Soak for 15-20 minutes or longer if needed

8. Use the hand pump to provide a massaging sensation and flush more water with the perfect pressure where you need it

9. Dry gently with a towel or toilet paper

10. Disconnect the Solution Bag from the Sitz Bath Seat and dispose of any remaining solution properly

11. Empty the Sitz Bath through the drain holes, wash the kit, let it dry, and store it for future use

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